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About Me

I'm Jeni Archer, and it's my pleasure to welcome you to a different kind of connective social space! 

I live in a beautiful small town in New Hampshire with my lovely wife, two amazing children (and a myriad of animals), where I also own and operate Gaia's Blessing, a local metaphysical shop. 

Learning has been a passion of mine from my earliest memory. I find immense joy in receiving new information from those ahead of me on their path or on completely different paths, as well as teaching what I can from where I am in any moment. The flow of education to empowerment is an enormous and wondrous thing to be a part of, and I'm so grateful my life has led me to a place where I can be a part of that every day. 

Why You Should Join Us

The questions heard most often in my shop went something like this..."Where can we find other people who are interested in these things? Is there some kind of gathering place? I'd love to get together just to chat with other people on this path - I feel like I have no one in my daily life to talk to about it with!"

This network is the answer I created to meet that need. A carefully crafted community for like-minded people in all phases of their spiritual journey to learn, share, communicate, and gather together in compassion, empathy, and love.

As a closed Mighty Network, there are no ads, no algorithms determining what you see, and most importantly - no selling or sharing of your personal data. Here, we have the freedom to connect on a truly human level, without all the downsides of typical social media.

There are many options for you to engage at the Gathering Place. 

If you choose to become a member for a small monthly fee, that membership gives you access to the all-important community Activity Feed where you can find those connections you've been seeking.

In addition, as a member you will have the ability to purchase classes offered on this site, either one at a time or in bundles. Each class contains a reading portion, a section with thought-provoking questions designed to keep the learning moving forward, and a video portion with an overview of the class material and demonstrations where appropriate. These cover topics on everything from Shadow Work to Divination & Tarot to the basics of Witchcraft, and give you access to class-specific chats, where you can connect with others who have studied the same subject matter.

If you are a spiritual practitioner, you can opt to add on access to the Practitioners-Only Chat, which provides a safe space to discuss the unique joys and challenges of practicing in this industry.

You asked for a space to gather, and it is my deepest hope that Gaia's Gathering Place can become that place for you. Join us, and let's make these connections happen!